Mutant Water Babies DEMO

by Music by: Nicholas Williams

Here are some rough demo tracks from Mutant Water Babies.  Please contact us if you want to hear more of the songs.

About the piece:

Mutant Water Babies is a ludicrously tragic epic with song, based on The Bakkhai by Euripides. 

The walled City-State of New York City was one of the only places with clean drinking water until a mysterious parasite infected the upstate reservoir.  Was it all the mega-fracking? The singing water-pipe denies that connection, but she's also an aggressive mouth piece for the administration.   THEN! The parasites starts turning all the city residents into mutants! This annoys the Mayor because she works hard to keep her militarized City-State running smoothly.   After listening to a self-help tape, a long forgotten deity returns and teams up with a pair of teenage mutants to save everyone (But also maybe punish them? It's hard to say).

by Geo Decas O'Donnell

music by Nicholas Williams

lyrics by Geo, Nicholas and Walt Whitman